VR offers lower cost training.



Traditional organizational training is becoming an expensive operation from onboarding new employees to creating a culture of high turnover. After our pandemic lockdown, employees are seeing this more than ever as they experience what has been called the ‘Great Resignation.’ Currently, 41% of workers globally are considering quitting their job (Source). This rises to 54% among Generation Z (born after 1997) (Source). With this in mind, nearly 30% of new hires resign after their first three months (Jobvite).


Current Challenge: TalentLMS asserts that only 19.61% of new hires get any training on their company’s culture. This minimalist training approach has led to shocking numbers in company engagement, burnout, and turnover.

VR for Training: VR training can provide a Fun, engaging, and efficient way to onboard new employees.

toPointC: Our software is an engaging platform allowing for others to learn, but more than that it is a tool that can be repeated over and over eliminating the waste of human resources on training new employees. The software and immersive training environment can do everything from showing a new hire around the place to testing the metrics of information they understood.


Current Challenge: Poor job performance is a massive expense to companies. In total, $223 Billion in costs due to turnover linked to workplace culture over the past five years (SHRM).

VR for Training: VR training can help to improve employee performance and save money in the long run. Adobe suggests that “VR seems to be the natural next step for the evolution of education." (Source). VR Training has been shown to reduce the time taken to learn, decrease the number of trainees errors, increases the amount learned, and helps learners retain knowledge for longer than traditional training. (Source)

toPointC: Onboarding can be a difficult task for an organization to and requires many resources to complete the process. toPointC with immersive training in VR allows for a repetative means of of onboarding ensuring that all employees are trained the same in an engaging experience that measures the results.


Current Challenge: Many HR professions are under the impression that VR training is costly to set up and properly maintain. In the past, creating a VR environment and purchasing the necessary number of headsets has been expensive.

VR for Training: Current VR world platforms and headsets costs are rapidly declining. From another angle, VR training saves an enormous amount of money in the near and long term. This long-term outlook is due to "a more motivated and engaged employee leading to increased time to competence in the job, improved productivity levels and in turn increases revenue/cost savings to the business." (Source).

toPointC: Many oraganizations understand that employee cost, if it be the time of training or inadequate training, and losing the full extent of the employee training. With toPointC employees are trained the same in a rapidly deployable enviroment allowing to utalize the full extent of the tools previously purchased by the company.


Current Challenge: Employee training conferences are expensive in travel, accommodations, training materials, and speakers. This one-size-fits-all training is becoming an archaic method in the age of COVID.

VR for Training: VR training allows and organizations to radically rethink how they train their employees. First, your HR team can create your own VR training university that replicates a real trip to Las Vegas. This virtual training environment will save enormous amounts of money in travel, housing, and speaker fees. Second, VR offers a radically new idea of personalized education that bypasses traditional training models.

toPointC: toPointC offers your organization the opportunity to deploy a personalized training curriculum throughout the organization globally, and in return reducing expensive cost of a physical location. In addition, allowing employees to be trained from wherever they may be in the world.